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What to do after the storm

5 Easy Steps to Filing Your Claim

January 31, 2014

STEP 1. Identify cursory hail damage

Conduct a cursory inspection of the exterior of your home. Look for any obvious damage to suggest a more thorough inspection might be required by one of our professionals. Examples include the photos to the right as well as dents in your downspouts, rips in screens or fresh paint chipping. Finding this type of damage strongly suggests more severe damaged has been sustained to your roofing system.

STEP 2. Call Global Roofing and Contracting at 972.238.7048.

With damage identified, your next step is to contact GLOBAL ROOFING & CONTRACTING AT 972.238.7048. One of our experienced Senior Project Managers will schedule a convenient time to do a thorough and detailed inspection. Upon completion your SPM will document damages and assist in obtaining insurance approval to restore said damages.

STEP 3. Find you insurance company's contact information and call them

Immediately after your Global representative has completed his/her inspection please call your insurance company to report the claim. When reporting your claim, please tell the agent the date of the loss and the type of peril (hail, wind, fire, etc.). You may also want to tell them that your contractor has inspected your property and has determined that there is damage.

STEP 4. Obtain claim number

Once your claim has been filed, you will be given a claim number from the agent. This number is the case number for your claim and is important when addressing your insurance company. Please provide this number to your GLOBAL ROOFING claims specialist as he/she will need it when discussing the claim with your insurance adjuster.

STEP 5. Insurance adjuster contact

An insurance adjuster will contact you usually within several days of filing your claim to schedule an appointment to review your damage. When the adjuster calls, please instruct your adjuster to contact your GLOBAL ROOFING insurance claim representative. In doing this, we will meet with your insurance adjuster at an agreed time at your property to review the damage together. Meeting with the adjuster is essential for us in determining the scope of damage and in placing a fair market value for the repairs.

What is hail damage?

Effects of a hailstorm

Hail can extensively damage your homes structure and adversely affect your homes resale value. Fortunately, "hail damage" is a covered peril by your homeowners insurance policy, and damage such as displayed below should be covered by your insurance policy.

Severe cedar shake hail damage

Shown below is an aged cedar shake roof system that sustained 2 inch hail damage. The circular indentions and broken shake will cause premature aging.

Cedar shake roof hail damage Nebraska

Hail damage to an asphalt shingle

The photo below depicts damage to a composition/asphalt roof. Notice the circular shaped impressions. The granule loss in these areas grow outward diminishing the life expectancy of the roof tremendously.

Hail damage to asphalt roof insurance claim Omaha

Hail damage to ancillary items

Ancillary items will sustain damages. These need to be taken into account when the claim is adjusted.

Air conditioner hail damage for Omaha insurance claim